Implementing Workflow in RT 4.0.2

I’ve bounced around google a bit to see what I can find about implementing Workflow within our upgraded RT system. My original understanding was that a customizable workflow was integrated within RT, but upon searching, it looks as if this ‘customizable workflow’ is all about scrips.

Can someone help to point me in the correct direction. So that it is understood, I too am looking for a way that a requestor creates a ticket in which multiple people will be involved, usually serially. Person1 creates a request, Person2 is notified of the request and does task 1 / approves and closes his/her portion, which in turn fires off a notice to Person3 who in turn does task 2 / approves and closes his/her portion…and so, until the end when it is automagically closed and the original requestor is notified. I also like the idea of being able to see where the flow is at any point in time (ex. Awaiting Person3 to do Task3 and approve).

Found these:

Suggestions to the right direction would be greatly appreciated.