Images in RTFM articles


We’re using RT and TFM for several years now, but recently we started
using RTFM to store information regarding our clients’s infra-structures.
Appart from a lot of textual information regarding the support &
maintenance of the infra-structures, we have an image which describes
the network of the client. I’ve implemented this with a custom field
(upload one image) in these classes of articles. Apparently, RTFM limits
the height of the image to 64 pixels while displaying the article.

We can, obviously, click the image and see it in its real size, but
experience tells me that we need all the information available in one
screen, so that our techs can get to it more quickly.
Is this a bug, a known limitation, a feature or something you thing
makes sense?

How can I change this behaviour?

BTW, the generated HTML code (regarding the “upload one image” field) is:


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