Images in Rich Text & HTML e-mail

Hi Everyone,

I looked over this list and did not find an exact answer to my question.

We have users who send e-mails to Request Tracker v3.6.4 in both HTML
and Rich Text Format with embedded images. In the HTML message, the
images are displayed out of order from how they were composed in the
e-mail. That is, a message which was composed like the following:




Would look like the following in Request Tracker:




For Rich Text Format messages, the images are not displayed at all.

It looks like the variables in PreferRichText and
TrustHTMLAttachments, do not have any affect on this behavior.

I looked at the comments in the configuration file, and at the forum,
and there is mention of e-mails to Request Tracker in HTML format (I
also presume Rich Text Format) are “scrubbed”. Could someone shine light
on the “scrubbing” process and provide some ideas who to get images
displayed in an Rich Text Format message sent to Request Tracker? Any
ideas why images are not displayed in the same location in HTML format
e-mail would also be helpful.

Thank you for your help in advance.


Nick Metrowsky

Consulting System Administrator

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