I don't know how to set up one queue that can be used

Hi All,

I don’t know how to set up one queue that can be used. Can someone guide me to setup one workable queue?

  1. how to set up one queue.
  2. how to link a user to the queue.
  3. how to set up the email for the queue, user can send the request to RT via mail.
  4. how to set up the email system for the RT system, because we reply queue, then the user can receive that information via mail.

Thanks in advance! I really need your help on this.

Have a look at the Basic Administration section of the user manual on the wiki. That covers setting up queues and users. There are lots of options for setting up email to/from RT as it depends a lot on what existing mail infrastructure you have available.

The other option of course is that Best Practical sell support packages that include basic installation and set up of an RT server for you.

Hi Man,

Thanks for your informaiton, I will read the documents, but my poor english… for the support packages, I just learn and for fun personally.