Hyperlinking to tickets

Hi all - so I’d like to be able to copy URLs of RT tickets and create hyperlinks to them from other places. This works from html/webpages pages (clicking the hyperlink goes straight to the RT ticket as expected) but not for some reason when clicking on hyperlinks from certain other apps/programs, like MS Access or Excel. When I click the hyperlink from Access or Excel, it just goes to the RT homepage not to the ticket itself. Other hyperlinks work fine from Excel and Access.

it can’t be a problem with the URLs themselves as like I said they work from other webpages (like our own wiki)

Is it a Microsoft thing (i.e. is Excel and Access doing something with the URL before it going to the webpage?

Cheers for any help


I’d assume the end of the hyperlink was being messed with in one of the MS programs. If the link is suppose to go to the ticket display page /Ticket/Display.html I don’t see any RT reason why the link wouldn’t take you there

Thanks - it does seem likely. I’ll ask Bill next