HTTP clickable URL's


I recently experimented in trying to setup a custom field where the
entry('s) should show up as a clickable URL when you view the ticket
( No succes yet )

The idea behind is: if you can choose e.g. an external URL, the
possibility exist that you can assign a “tool” to be used with the
ticket. ( via a list of available “tools” e.g.)

Any idea how to do this ?

Anyway, it’s a nice idea IMHO.

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It seems I want to do the same.

Want to have “Ticket ID” CF whose link should differ based on the value.
Tried to make it possible with use of “RT::Extension::ConditionalCustomFields”, but the Extension seems to not work.
It gives possibility to show/hide CF during ticket creation based on value of “parent” CF. This way it is possible to create “Ticket tool” CF and then “Ticket ID (Jira)” CF (with “Link values to”) to show up when Jira value of “Ticket tool” has been chosen.

The other way should be to use Callbacks, but not sure how.
Does somebody have how to do this suggestion?

Hi Jansen

Is this not what the “Link values to” bit of the custom field creation page, is for?


It is the process for the URLs where they are trying to build up the custom place where the permission for showing the urls and if any more way you want to know then you can take the help from dell printer support where you can share or collect the information.

I just had a quick play with RT::Extension::ConditionalCustomFields as it wasn’t an extension we’d tried before. Seems to work on our 4.4.2 test install of RT OK (remember that you need to apply the right patch, clear the Mason cache and restart the web server).

I then created a couple of custom fields called “Ticket Type” and “Ticket ID (Jira)” and attached them to one of our existing queues (“MALS”). “Ticket Type” CF has two possible values - “Alemba” and “Jira”. If Alemba is chosen, we don’t show anything else, but if “Jira” is chosen we want to show the “Ticket ID (Jira)” CF ready to be filled in. Here are the two custom field definition screens:

Ticket Tool CF definition

Ticket ID (Jira) CF definition

Note that the RT::Extension::ConditionalCustomFields appears to depend on having selections available - it doesn’t appear to support conditional display of fields based on pattern matching of non-selection parent fields.

The resulting ticket creation screen looks like this:

Ticket creation example

As you can see here I’ve selected a ticket type of “Jira” so the “Ticket ID (Jira)” prompt has appeared. If I put something in there (say “123456”) and create the ticket, the resulting display shows the link to “” as expected:

Ticket display with link showing

Is that the sort of thing you were trying to do?

This is exactly I was trying to do. At the moment stuck with some errors, nevertheless we are ok with showing all ‘ticketing’ CFs at the moment. Will have to find the root cause of the RT errors after RT upgrade and extension installation.
Thank you.