HTML::Scrubber error

Hello again,

after i fixed some installation problems, there is just one problem still

How can i fix this? Should i activate HTML::Scrubber via httpd.conf or
somewhere else?

Thank you in advance for help


If i log in i get this error:

error: Can’t locate object method “new” via package “HTML::Scrubber”
(perhaps you forgot to load “HTML::Scrubber”?) at
/usr/request-tracker3/share/html/Elements/ScrubHTML line 47.

context: …
43: %# those contributions and any derivatives thereof.
44: %#
46: <%init>
47: my $scrubber = HTML::Scrubber->new();
49: $scrubber->default(
50: 0,
51: {

CPAN under the shell says this:

cpan> i /HTML::Scrubber/
Module HTML::Scrubber (P/PO/PODMASTER/HTML-Scrubber-0.08.tar.gz)
Module HTML::Scrubber::StripScripts
2 items found

with this output in the Configuration Information at RT

Perl v5.8.4 under linux Apache v1.27; Apache::Connection v1.00;
Apache::Constants v1.09; Apache::DBI v0.94; Apache::Request v1.1;
Apache::Server v1.01; Apache::Session v1.6;
Apache::Session::Generate::MD5 v2.1; Apache::Session::lock::MySQL v1.00;
Apache::Session::MySQL v1.01; Apache::Session::Serialize::Storable v1.00;
Apache::Session::Store::DBI v1.02; Apache::Session::Store::MySQL v1.04;
Apache::Status v2.03; Apache::Symbol v1.31; Apache::Table v0.01;
AutoLoader v5.60; B v1.02; base v2.05; Benchmark v1.06; bytes v1.01;
Carp v1.02; CGI v3.04; CGI::Cookie v1.24; CGI::Util v1.4;
Class::Container v0.11; Class::Data::Inheritable v0.02;
Class::ReturnValue v0.52; constant v1.04; Cwd v2.17; Data::Dumper
v2.121; Date::Format v2.22; Date::Parse v2.27; DBD::mysql v2.9003; DBI
v1.43; DBIx::SearchBuilder v1.01; Devel::StackTrace v1.11;
Devel::StackTraceFrame v0.6; Devel::Symdump v2.03; Digest::base v1.00;
Digest::MD5 v2.33; DynaLoader v1.04; Encode v1.99_01; Encode::Alias
v1.38; Encode::Config v1.07; Encode::Encoding v1.33; Errno v1.09;
Exception::Class v1.19; Exception::Class::Base v1.2; Exporter v5.58;
Exporter::Heavy v5.58; Fcntl v1.05; fields v2.03; File::Basename v2.72;
File::Glob v1.02; File::Path v1.06; File::Spec v0.87; File::Spec::Unix
v1.5; File::Temp v0.14; FileHandle v2.01; HTML::Entities v1.27;
HTML::Mason v1.26; HTML::Mason::ApacheHandler v1.69;
HTML::Mason::Exception v1.1; HTML::Mason::Exception::Abort v1.1;
HTML::Mason::Exception::Compilation v1.1;
HTML::Mason::Exception::Compilation::IncompatibleCompiler v1.1;
HTML::Mason::Exception::Compiler v1.1; HTML::Mason::Exception::Decline
v1.1; HTML::Mason::Exception::Params v1.1;
HTML::Mason::Exception::Syntax v1.1; HTML::Mason::Exception::System v1.1;
HTML::Mason::Exception::TopLevelNotFound v1.1;
HTML::Mason::Exception::VirtualMethod v1.1; HTML::Mason::Exceptions
v1.43; HTML::Parser v3.36; I18N::LangTags v0.29; integer v1.00; IO
v1.21; IO::File v1.10; IO::Handle v1.24; IO::InnerFile v2.102 ;
IO::Lines v2.103 ; IO::Scalar v2.105 ; IO::ScalarArray v2.103 ;
IO::Seekable v1.09; IO::Wrap v2.102 ; IO::WrapTie v2.102 ; IPC::Open2
v1.01; IPC::Open3 v1.0106; lib v0.5565; List::Util v1.13; locale
v1.00; Locale::Maketext v1.08; Locale::Maketext::Fuzzy v0.02;
Locale::Maketext::Lexicon v0.44; Locale::Maketext::Lexicon::Gettext
v0.12; Log::Dispatch v2.10; Log::Dispatch::Base v1.09;
Log::Dispatch::Output v1.26; Log::Dispatch::Screen v1.17;
Log::Dispatch::Syslog v1.18; Mail::Address v1.62; Mail::Field v1.62;
Mail::Field::AddrList v1.62; Mail::Field::Date v1.62; Mail::Header
v1.62; Mail::Internet v1.62; MIME::Base64 v3.04; MIME::Body v5.413;
MIME::Decoder v5.413; MIME::Entity v5.413; MIME::Field::ContDisp v5.413;
MIME::Field::ConTraEnc v5.413; MIME::Field::ContType v5.413;
MIME::Field::ParamVal v5.413; MIME::Head v5.413; MIME::Parser v5.413;
MIME::QuotedPrint v3.03; MIME::Tools v5.413; MIME::Words v5.413;
mod_perl v1.29; Module::Versions::Report v1.02; overload v1.01;
Params::Validate v0.74; POSIX v1.08; re v0.04; Regexp::Common v2.117;
Regexp::Common::delimited v2.103; RT v3.2.2; Scalar::Util v1.13;
SelectSaver v1.00; Socket v1.77; Storable v2.12; strict v1.03; Symbol
v1.05; Sys::Hostname v1.11; Sys::Syslog v0.05; Text::Autoformat v1.12;
Text::Quoted v1.8; Text::Reform v1.11; Text::Tabs v98.112801;
Text::Template v1.44; Text::Wrapper v1.000; Time::HiRes v1.59;
Time::JulianDay v2003.1125; Time::Local v1.07; Time::ParseDate
v2003.1126; Time::Timezone v2003.0211; Time::Zone v2.22; utf8 v1.03;
vars v1.01; warnings v1.03; warnings::register v1.00; XSLoader v0.02;