Html::Mason version question

We are using rt 2.0.15 on solaris 2.8 apache 1.3.27 fastcgi 2.2.22 (Oracle
8.1.7 back end) We are trying to improve performance, we just upgraded our
database server which greatly increased rt’s speed. We have rt on a machine
that is only running rt. We are seeing slowness on the Modify people and
create ticket pages and we see it slowly degrade to not working in a 1.5 -
2 months requiring us to restart it. We looked into our HTML::Mason version
and we are using 1.05 and found that the 1st stable release is 1.10. We are
hoping to upgrade that to 1.21 and see if that helps performance. Is there
any issues with that before I go ahead?

Also we see that our install of apache starts 5 children to handle requests
but only one of those children starts a mason handler instance. Is there a
way to have each apache instance handle rt requests??


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