HTML mail converted to plain text

we have RT 5.0.1 configured to have incoming mails sent via procmail to rt-mailgate.

Incoming HTML-mail is received correctly and viewing the ticket in the RT-GUI correctly shows the mail with HTML-formatting.

However, the mail forwarded to the subscribers for the queue(s) receive the mail converted to plain text. Also, the auto-reply mail contains the original message as plain text.

Sending a copy of the incoming mail from .procmailrc directly to another email address arrives as HTML-formatted mail, showing that the conversion to plain text must occur while or after being be handled by rt-mailgate.

Any suggestions what is happening?


P.S.: This is most likely not an issue specific to RT 5.x, as I think we saw that in our previous RT 4.4.4 installation as well (and probably also with earlier versions).

I believe by default RT uses multipart/alternative to send a plain text version and HTML version of emails

Both the quoted original mail in the auto-reply mail and the forwarded original mail to the watchers are only plain text (the HTML of the original stripped of).
I cannot find any setting in where that could be configured.

In RT 4.2 and 4.4 at least, this was controlled via the template associated with the scrip, and there are “transaction in HTML” and “transaction” options. Could it be something with what template is associated with the scrip?

Thanks. I managed to get the AutoReply including the original mail as HTML by using the AutoReply in HTML template for the AutoReply scrip.

I just couldn’t figure out yet, if there is a scrip that is used for forwarding the initial mail to the watchers.

I found it: it was a scrip on action Notify AdminCcs (not sure if it is a standard scrip) that needed a HTML template.

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