Html in email not working with table



I have a template that is used for AutoReply by sending ticket. I want to use a table in this template. my code is like below:

Subject: Change Management AutoReply: {$Ticket->Subject}
Content-Type: text/html
<p dir="rtl">
greetings: your request has been sent. here is the information:

    <td>remove cable</td>

in result email I can not see any table. can anyone guid me what should I do?


What actually appears in the email?



Dont think you need the body tags



Have you activated MessageBoxRichText in your



the email looks like this:



I omitted body tag but that does’nt have any effect


I set $MessageBoxRichText to 1 in like this:

Set($MessageBoxRichText, 1);

but that dosn’t work. I also restarted request tracker service. is there any thing wrong here?


What do ou see in the raw message?


the raw message is like this:


Hi Dornaz

I mean the raw source, not how you see it in a client



Hi Dornaz

You could try the following:

Add border=“1” to the table tag and see what happens



Hi G.Booth

wow…you are right! thanks for your help