HTML encoding of apostrophe, quotes, and other specials

Probably easy to solve, but, I keep getting HTML encoding errors with RT 4.4.4, for example:


Obviously, the person writing is likely using ’ in some format, but, RT seems not to like it – anyone know what the hopefully quick fix is?

The above is what comes through in the tickets in RT’s UI, as well as via email. If I skip RT, mails are normal.

Maybe try one of the other HTML formatters if you are using the default pure Perl one, w3m , elinks , html2text , links , lynx

Yeah, I’ve been trying to find something that works well for my needs and have gone through all of them, and they all seem to have quirks which make them tough to actually use. I’m currently using links, but, I modified the Perl module so that it wouldn’t actually display the [1] type link references and summary of links at the bottom of the message – but I’ve tried all of them and they all seem to glitch to some degree. May go back to the Perl one…