Howto send an enquiry to a third-party mailadress in a simple way


I want to do the following:
Send a call back for a ticket to a third party without much fuss. The
third party should be able to answer but not get the follow-ups of the

Currently the only way i know is to go to “people”-section and add the
third party as “requestor” or “Cc” and send the question afterwards.
This way requires quite some clicking of course.

I’ve tried to add a scrip to notify people i add in the Cc-inputfield in
a comment but this doesn’t work(No action is taken):
"Send to CCs: On Comment Notify Ccs with template Correspondence"
Obviously the Cc has to be added to the ticket in the first place to be
recognized - which means the Cc-inputfield is actually useless?

Do you have any suggestions if this could work and how?