Howto change default owner of new tickets


I have managed to change the name for the default user “nobody” into “_”. This
makes it more easy to see which cases that not are taken yet. I made this by a
small hack for rt 2.0.14 (see below):


-> $RT::Nobody->LoadByName(’_’);

<- # $RT::Nobody->LoadByName(‘Nobody’);


@users = (
-> Name => ‘_’,
<- # Name => ‘Nobody’,
RealName => ‘Nobody in particular’,

/install/rt2_14/lib/ (2 places).

#RT’s “nobody user” is a genuine database user. its ID lives here.
$Nobody = new RT::CurrentUser();
-> $Nobody->LoadByName(’_’);
<- # $Nobody->LoadByName(‘Nobody’);


ok (require RT::TestHarness);

-> ok ($RT::Nobody->Name() eq ‘_’, “Nobody is nobody”);
<- # ok ($RT::Nobody->Name() eq ‘Nobody’, “Nobody is nobody”);

And I issued this command in mysql:

UPDATE users set name = ‘_’ where name = ‘Nobody’;

Now I have moved my installtion to another (faster machine) by installing rt
2.0.15 on it, then I used mysqldump to move the database.

Everything seems to be working perfect…


Patrick Harlin, SysAdm
Lulea University of Technology