How to use queue number instead of queue name for child ticket template

I have converted my scripts to use the queue number instead of the queue name and this makes life much better as some of my end users insist on adjusting the queue names from time to time.

Below is a copy of a template I have that works great but requires the queue name, or at least I have not been able to find anything else that shows how to do it. I have tried placing the queue number in with no success.

Any ideas?


===Create-Ticket: Financial Aid and Scholarships - Referral
Referred-To-By: {$Tickets{‘TOP’}->Id}
Queue: Financial Aid and Scholarships - Referral
InitialPriority: 99
FinalPriority: 99
Requestor: {$Tickets{‘TOP’}->RequestorAddresses}
FAID-Last-Name-Grouping-Web: {$Tickets{‘TOP’}->FirstCustomFieldValue(‘FAID-Last-Name-Grouping-Web’)}
FAID-Last-Name-Grouping: {$Tickets{‘TOP’}->FirstCustomFieldValue(‘FAID-Last-Name-Grouping’)}
FAID-Referral-Preference: {$Tickets{‘TOP’}->FirstCustomFieldValue(‘FAID-Referral-Preference’)}
FAID-Web-Name: {$Tickets{‘TOP’}->FirstCustomFieldValue(‘FAID-Web-Name’)}
Content: This request is a referral from a walk-in customer for Financial Aid and Scholarships. The initial ticket has been closed but linked to this ticket for any pertinent information

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