How to setup a default System's Dashboard for all users?

Hi All,
I have been searching for ways to set up a Dashboard so that it will be default for all rt users and they don’t need to select manually but cannot do so.
I found this in the documentation:

System-wide dashboards:
If you want to make sure everyone has the dashboard in their Home menu, you can set this globally as well if you are the RT administrator. The Admin > Global > "Dashboards in menu" opens a page similar to the personal dashboard menu page, but it puts the selected dashboards into everyone's dashboard menu.

but in no way I am able to find “Dashboard in menu”. I am using RT 5.0.2 in UBUNTU 18.

The following screenshot shows what I have so far. Any help is really appreciated.
Thank you!

Do you have Admin->global-> RT at a glance?

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yep, it worked. Thank you!