How to set search option for each queue


Thank you in advance
when i select one queue, it display ticket list with ID, subject, status, queue, owner…
but all queue have same column.
i want to display different column for each queue.
ex) select A queue on queue list
ID, subject, status, queue, owner
ex) select B queue on queue list
ID, subject, owner

there is only default option in Search Preferences.
how can i set search option for each queue ?

RT version 4.4.1-3+deb9u3 (debian)

You can create a new saved search for each queue and then have each of those on your RT at a glance page

Otherwise you’d have to hack the code and record the individual formats in the config files. We’ve done similar but mainly for different lifecycles. Different formats per queue could create a large overhead.

this is our patch case to BP for this, it may be of help to you

Thank you for your help.
i created new search.(search --> Ticket --> new search–>saved searches)
but when i select one queue on queue list, i should load saved search every time.(queue list --> edit search --> load saved search)
i want to save this setting per each queue.

If you do the following:

  1. Create a new saved search for one queue queue = "QueueA" AND Status = '__Active__'

  2. Save the search “Active tickets in QueueA”

  3. The go back to the RT at a glance homepage you can click the “edit” button to edit the content on your homepage and add the new saved search you just created to the homepage

Thank you for your help.
Your solution is good.
But i want to display it after selecting queue on Queue list.(not displaying on RT at a glance)

  1. Queue list at RT at a glace
  2. select one queue at Queue list
  3. display different column as per each queue

Thank you for your help.

To change the existing portlet will take some hacking, but it should be do-able

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Hi Tejin

Youll need to hack the code then. See my earlier replies for some ideas

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Thank you, i will try it.

Thank you for your help. i will test it.