How to search by custom fields

How can I search for tickets where a custom field matches a
particular value? Is there a way to make the custom fields
appear on the basic search form? I have added several custom
fields, and given the user all rights to them and designated
them to a particular queue but they don’t appear anywhere on
the search page. What is the syntax for doing a custom
search in “Advanced Search”?

I tried this in advanced search:

CF.{MyCustomField} like ‘some value’

but that did not return any tickets, even though some
have the custom field set appropriately.

I have searched google, the RT Essentials book, and the wiki.
I’m sure I have missed something obvious.

I am using rt 3.6.1.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.


From query builder select the queue and hit add, you’ll find the CFs
appear for you …

Matthew Pressly wrote: