How to run Queue-Bound scrips instead of the "global" version?

Dear rt-users:

I’m using RT’s default scrips, with a few modifications, as my base.
I have currently 18 active queues.

I need to change auto-reply scrips for a queue, and don’t want to
re-define all scrips for all queues (so they aren’t globlas anymore)
just for this.

My question: is there anything I can do to setup and run custom
queue-bound scrips in a way that they run instead of the global scrip
for the same action?

Thanks a lot for any tips.
Kind regards.
Luis Motta Campos
Segula Technologies Portugal

You can either modify the condition of the auto-reply global scrip to
check the queue value if its equal to the queue you don’t want to run on
then return undef, or the better solution is to implement Dirk Pape
extension which hide/suppress global scrips:

Luis Motta Campos wrote: