How to organize custom field actions, please advise

Howdy, I am an RT user, part of a group, and I wanted to start doing some automation. I am new to RT automation so I don’t know how the features are meant to be used. I could probably just write some automation myself in perl. The problem is that I am working with colleagues who don’t know perl and I wanted them to be able to participate in maintaining the automation going forward. So I am looking for a way of doing things that’s reasonably accessible to my colleagues. I hope you can advise me on a way to accomplish my goal that minimizes the amount of perl my colleagues need to read.

The task I want to automate is setting of watchers for tickets based on key words being present in the ticket history. Each keyword will correspond to one or more specific users to be assigned as watcher. However, I wanted there to be an intermediate step involving a custom field so that front line responder can manually mark the ticket with the correct keyword, in case that the automation fails to match find a match in the ticket history. The automation can detect that the keyword was changed and assign the corresponding watcher. This is easier than the front line responder looking up who is the correct watcher for a given keyword.

For example,

  1. condition: ticket created or corresponded → action: search ticket fulltext for “pytorch” or “tensorflow”. if present, add “AI/ML” to custom field value. (I’m not actually sure how multi-values fields work).
  2. condition: ticket custom field value changed → action: check if “AI/ML” is present. If present, set and as watchers.

There are two elements of this procedure that need to be maintained over time. One is the relationship between the field values and the search expressions, and the other is the relationship between the field values and the watchers. Both of those should be easily editable by my non-perl colleagues. I am not sure the best way to implement those.

Please advise
Richard Lawrence

So, Did you get answer your query yet or not? I also have the same issue and I;m still wondering its solution.

Sorry, no answer yet.

I think the stumbling block is the requirement that it is maintained by people who can’t/don’t want to touch Perl. RT’s automation using scrips and templates is very much based on Perl.