How to make RT exclude, rather than include, all ticket watchers on correspondence?

Hello all,
I’ve been instructed to try to reverse RT’s normal functionality when it comes to correspondence and watchers. By default, RT includes all watchers when anyone corresponds on a ticket, thus emailing every watcher. Users must uncheck the watchers they wish to exclude from their message.

What I’ve been asked to do is flip this. RT should exclude all watchers by default, and the corresponding user should have to check the watchers they want to include.

My first thought is to go into the code and find the part that checks each checkbox, then copy that to the “local” folder and remove the checking code from it. This will let all boxes remain unchecked, just as my boss wants. Before I go hunting for the one line I need, though, I wanted to see if a better way exists. Is this a setting I’ve missed? Is there a simple way? If code modification is my best option, does anyone know the path to the file I’ll want to look at? Thanks for any ideas.

It may be worth explaining which notifications you want all the watchers to receive? For example maybe you want everyone to know when a ticket is created but then only a couple of users should receive updates after that.

In that case it may be easier to have a scrip that removes all the watchers after ticket create and then new ones can be added after.

Another approach could be to create custom roles where on create the role “All watchers” receive the update and on normal update the role “update watchers” receive the update and you can remove the existing scrip for automatic updates to AdminCc watchers.

I’ll clarify. Users want to add a group of people to a ticket, then correspond and have only the people the user chooses receive an email notification about the correspondence. The problem is that everyone in the company forgets to uncheck the people who don’t need to be emailed. My boss wants to try things the other way around, where no watchers are checked and the user must check the watchers they want.

What we don’t want is a need for greater watcher adjustment. That is, watchers should remain on the ticket until removed from the People page, so that the user has a simple list of checkboxes showing all the watchers. Users shouldn’t have to remove/add watchers, only choose them to get emails on correspondence.

I hope this makes sense. Basically, the users I’m working with want to add all possible interested parties to a ticket, then check only those who need to see a correspondence each time they are composing a correspondence. After the initial ticket creation, and apart from the odd removal/addition of a watcher, they don’t want to add/remove anyone completely, only check a watcher’s checkbox when they are updating the ticket.