How to make one search that automatically senses user queue

I have 5 RT users. I have created a queue for each user.

I would like them to each have a search on their dashboard titled, “Tickets in my queue”.

(Right now, RT is defaulting to “Tickets I own”. I don’t want that to show for them right now. I’d prefer they see the queue list first until they get familiar with RT.)

How do I make a one search that automatically picks up all tickets in a user’s queue? What is the variable I should use for the user? What is the code? How do I put that search on everyone’s dashboard, uniquely showing their queue?

EDIT: Each user has their own queue named for them, but the queue name is NOT the same as their username.

Can your users see each others queues and/or own tickets in the other queues?

Yes. I set their permissions so that all users can see tickets in and take tickets from each other’s queues.

I could have each user create their own search using their own queue name, but I’m looking for a way that is more programmatic and easier to just assign to new users.

Right, so you can’t just do a TicketSQL such as

Owner = 'CurrentUser' AND Status != 'resolved'

in that case, as it will show them tickets they own that aren’t in “their” queue. Are the queues named the same as the user? If so, I wonder if:

Queue = 'CurrentUser' AND Status != 'resolved'

might work. If not, you’re probably out of luck doing one query for all of them.

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No, the queues are named differently from their usernames, but that is a good idea to try. Thanks.

What I would suggest is creating a custom field applied to queue objects called ‘Queue Owner’, then you can manually set that per queue to the queue owner’s user id value.

Then you can search on:

'QueueCF.{Queue Owner}' LIKE '__CurrentUser__'