How to let an unpriviledged user see all tickets in a queue

We have started using v3.4.2 for our IT Support business. For every
customer we create a new queue. We have configured RT so that an email to
helpdesk@ goes into the general queue. The support administrator then
transfers the support request to the queue that corresponds to the customer
and assigns an owner. There may be many different requestors who are all
unpriviledged users with tickets in the same queue.

We would like to create a generic unpriviledged user with rights to see all
tickets in a particular queue. Unless the unpriviledged user also the
requestor we cannot seem to assign these rights. We have tried setting up
the generic user as a watcher and assigning group rights to cc but this does

Does anybody have any suggestions for assigning the correct rights within
our framework or a completely different way of achieving the same result?

Many thanks
John Hudson

smime.p7s (2.96 KB)