How to hide queue from Privilged user but still allow them to submit tickets

When are using RT 5.0.1
I am trying to setup some queues for various internal departments. Each department would manage their own Dept queues. They should not be allowed to view the tickets in other queues they are not assigned to manage but still be able to submit a ticket in those other Dept Queues.

I have setup those that watch queues as a privileged user and added them to a specific group assigned as AdminCC to their queue that they mange. But whenever I attempt to hide the others queues they can no longer see them in the dropdown if they need to created a ticket in that queue.

thoughts, ideas?

You can grant “CreateTicket” and “SeeQueue” globally for all privileged users, then you can grant the rights to “SeeTicket” per queue for those groups you made or to the AdminCc role