How to get this done


When the above link as an example is clicked it opens up the login page for
viewing the ticket.

How can I achieve that type of working?

What I am having is that if I sign in to RT and then click this link the
ticket opens as there is an active user session. If am not logged in it will
throw out an error stating…

http://abc.fhgkj.cmn/Ticket/Display.html?id=162 (in my case)

“Can’t call method “HasRight” on an undefined value at
/opt/rt3/bin/…/lib/RT/ line 3351.”

When referred to the rt.log I find this error:

[Tue May 26 12:05:14 2009] [error]: Couldn’t get principal for not loaded
object (/opt/rt3/bin/…/lib/RT/

[Tue May 26 12:05:18 2009] [error]: Couldn’t get principal for not loaded
object (/opt/rt3/bin/…/lib/RT/

*) Is this is a bug or what do I need to do to get this working?

*) Can this be solved by upgrading to RT 3.8.3?

I am using this on CentOS 5.2 vmware machine, Apache 1.3.x, MySQL 5.0.45, RT

Please suggest what I can do with this or where might the chances of
misconfiguration of RT?