How to get comment text content from comment id


I have a RT::Transaction that looks like this:

   "OldValue" : "",
   "NewValue" : "",
   "TimeTaken" : "0",
   "Creator" : "1234",
   "ObjectId" : "2345",
   "Type" : "Comment",
   "Field" : "",
   "Created" : "2011-11-03 18:02:56",
   "id" : "3456",
   "Data" : "No Subject",
   "ObjectType" : "RT::Ticket"

I thought that the comment would be in NewValue, but it seems both
OldValue and NewValue are blank.

How should I get the comment text? I looked through the API docs, but I
couldn’t find what I should use to do this. Any pointers in the right
direction would be appreciated :slight_smile:



Sorry, forgot to mention, I am running 3.8 and $transaction->content is

Never mind, it should be ->Content :wink:

All good now, thanks.