How To Display Custom Field Data in RT 3.4.0 (fwd)

Thought I’d try re-sending this.

In RT 3.2.3, I am passing the following to Elements/TicketList’s "Format"
argument and it successfully returns the Custom Field “PrimaryContractor”:
(disregard the /WIDTH, that is a hack I put together)

In RT 3.4.1, that same string returns all Custom Fields. So instead of one
piece of data, it could return up to four pieces of data, each one on their
own line within the results.

I was talking to someone off-list and they mentioned they are not having this
problem; is it possible I have a bum perl module? I’ve verified it’s none of
my other local hacks by trying this on a stock RT 3.4.1 install as well. Any
suggestions would be appreciated, I’d love to upgrade but this is holding me

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Date: Tue, 1 Feb 2005 23:34:40 -0600 (CST)
From: Jason A. Diegmueller
Subject: How To Display Custom Field Data in RT 3.4.0

What do I need to pass to TicketList’s Format in order to display Custom
Fields, in RT 3.4? I use to use CustomField.{Name} in RT 3.2, however, this
now returns any/all custom fields.

I see references on rt-devel to FirstCustomFieldValue, but I can’t figure out
any variation or combination which makes this work.

For example, I have a Global Custom Field (of style “select one”) named
PrimaryContractor, and I would like to display that field inside of

Any feedback is appreciated.