How to disable content in session_data directory?

Hi all,

Are session data stored in rt/var/session_data? How can I disable that
option in RT? I have apache2 , fastcgi running in test environment and
it so happens that I whenever I make change to the autohandler program,
the changes don’t get reflected unless and until I delete the contents
in session_data directory and /rt/var/mason_data/obj directory. I stop
and start apache but in vain; unless I delete the contents my changes
are not seen.

Is there any other method to handle this? Has anyone had this problem


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That is what DevelMode is for – in rt/etc/

Set($DevelMode, 1);

rt/var/session_data won’t have any impact since normally no data is
stored there (sessions are in the database by default).
rt/var/mason_data/* is where the mason objects are cached.

This is in the wiki ( and in your
rt/etc/ You should check out both.

Joby Walker
ITI SSG, University of Washington

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