How to detect an rt email that generates a "file too big" error in mail server?

Hi all.

I’m new in this community, so I send my greetings to all.

We are using Request Tracker 4.2.12 with RTIR, and also using postfix as mail server.

We have seen in postfix logs that RT is trying to send an email and postfix is apparently rejecting it:

Nov 6 11:20:18 CSIRTMachine postfix/postdrop[4219]: warning: uid=107: File too large
Nov 6 11:20:18 CSIRTMachine postfix/sendmail[4217]: fatal: rt(107): message file too big

[EDIT] This two lines appears again and again.

I’m unable to see wich ticket is generating the problem… I have been looking for it in rt.log but nothing appears.

How can I solve this problem?

Thank you in advance.

Best regard.