How to delete watcher

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One of the cc’d in a ticket has a long username created by RT Itself. When replying, the html display is broken. How to delete the watcher?

Please see below reference,

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You can “delete” a watcher under Admin > Users > Select.

Search for the desired user and then uncheck “Let this user access RT” and Save the update.

Users are never really deleted in RT but this should hide it from normal use.

Alternatively, you could update the Username to something shorter and friendlier. Users “Autocreated when added as a watcher” by RT usually set the Username to the same as the email address but it will prefer Username if it is available when displaying names.


Hi Simon,

What I mean is delete in database.


You can delete it in the database if you’re very careful. It’ll be in the Users table but you also need to make sure you delete any reference to it elsewhere.

There’s a schema in the wiki but it might be a little out of date since 4.4 came along and moved some plugins into core.

You can use the schema to help track down references to the User id.

That said, I wouldn’t bother deleting it. RT does a good job of keeping inactive records out of the way.

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Have you tried disabling the user as I suggested above ? What happened if you tried that ?

You can also detach the user from the ticket under the People tab. By default RT won’t automatically add them again to the ticket.

In most cases, disabling the user will remove it from display. You should not need to manually delete records from the database.


You are right that the email can’t be deleted unless the transactions containing it are deleted.

The text overflow thing is a bug to me though.

Exactly! Do you how to delete it ?

If you mean to delete related transactions, there is a Shredder tool(under Admin -> Tools -> Shredder) you can use to achieve it, but keep in mind that transactions may contain other contents you don’t want to delete, so take care.


I just want the email address be deleted not the whole ticket.

I would suggest close the ticket and create a new one with essential info instead.


I think this is not the best solution. But thanks anyway. :slight_smile: