How to delete many transactions on huge ticket caused by email loop

We are using RT 4.0.17.

We have a situation where a single ticket with incorrectly deleted
email addresses accumulated about 3M transactions causing the ibdata1
file to increase in size from about 80Gb to 225Gb.

I have seen a Kevin Falcone message from 2014 talking about deleting
the transactions in a controlled Perl loop and am asking how that may be

He said this
"Shred all the transactions, one at a time (in a programmed loop) and then come back for the ticket itself."

I am familiar with Perl but cannot see how to use rt-shredder to delete transactions for a single ticket.

I have seen this command line for deleting transactions but it appears to be for choosing transactions by file name only.
rt-shredder --plugin ‘Attachments=limit,1000;files_only,1;file,smime.p7s’

Any suggestions would be appreciated.