How to debug LDAP issues?

I have installed RT 5.0.1 and would like to use LDAP to so people frommy org can all access RT and reply to tickets.

I have use rt-ldapimport --verbose --no-groups to validate my ldap credentials, basedn and filter.

Now when I try to login using my ldap user it doesn’t work and I get :
[24] [Mon Mar 8 16:08:18 2021] [error]: FAILED LOGIN for lhirlimann from (/opt/rt5/sbin/…/lib/RT/Interface/

How do I go on to debug this ?


Do you have externalauth enabled?

I have :

  • Set( $ExternalInfoPriority, [“My_LDAP”] );
  • Set($AutoCreateNonExternalUsers, 1);
  • Set($ExternalSettings, {
    ‘My_LDAP’ => {
    ‘type’ => ‘ldap’,

Am I missing something ?

That seems correct, if you enable debug logging in RT you should see something like this in your logs:

 [debug]: Attempting to use external auth service: My_LDAP

What’s the key to add to put RT in debug mode ?

Now it works, I think I was missing on pref.