How to configure RT to add CCed user automatically to get future alerts?


I added Set($ParseNewMessageForTicketCcs , 1); to my Now the support email id (I have configured getmail to fetch mails from support email id) and CCed users receiving duplicate emails.

How can I avoid these duplicate emails?


If you use the debug/logging option for RT what Scrips are firing that do email generation? did the duplicates start only after you enabled the $ParseNewMessageForTicketCCs?

Since, the users will interact with RT only through email, I disabled two scrips, On Create Notify Ccs and On Create Notify Other Recipients. This resolved my issue.

But, now the problem is when user will create a ticket through the portal (May be in future), RT won’t send alerts to users in CC on ticket create.

Yes! After enabling $ParseNewMessageForTicketCCs, RT start sending email alerts to all CC emails the support mail itself. Because of this CC users and support email are receiving duplicate emails.

One more thing, after enabling $ParseNewMessageForTicketCCs, RT adds CC users only on new ticket creation not from the followup messages.

If you turn on debug logs, what does that show?