How to clone the ticket

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Is there a way to create a new “Clone Ticket” of the current ticket? And
copy the custom field values from the current ticket?

Thank you.


Thank you!

Perhaps I made a mistake!

The steps are: click on “new ticket in” , “details”, fill up “Children” or “Refers to” and the last one, click on “create”?

I tried, but nothing happened. Does need to allow something or set up something before?

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If you do it from display there is a button next to children in links. It says create. That will do it!

You can create a child of the ticket using the links section

Open your existing ticket and look at the links section and click on
create. This will “clone” your ticket and all custom fields

Link should look like:

BTW: Is there any possibility to clone the whole or selected content too?

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