How to change Ticket Creation Failed From Address

Hi there,

I’m almost ready to roll with our new setup and am in the final stages of

We’re setting up a queue where you have to be a mamber of a certain group to
create tickets, but when we test sending a ticket creation email from a user
that is not in the group, the source email address is a default one with the
real name of the server in it.

Could somebody tell me how to change the ticket creation failed from

I’ve tried changing the correspondence address in the queue as well as the
default correspondence address in

Is there a template we can modify for the ticket creation failed message so
we can give them more info and another address to send to if they think they
should have access?

Also, is there any way to include templates within templates? We want to
have a specific auto-reply template per queue, but there’s a lot of similar
information that goes in each template which it would be nice to be able to
include so we only have to change it in one place to affect all of the queue

Thanks for your patience with my questions.



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