How to change the default Ticket Display to hide the Metadata?

Hello List,

I would like to change the default ticket display to hide the metadata
fields at the top of the ticket. The current functionality displays the
metadata by default and provides toggle functionality to hide it.

I believe the following javascript excerpted from
rt3/local/html/Elements/Header provides the toggle functionality:

function hideshow(num) {
idstring = “element-” + num;
chunk = document.getElementById(idstring);
if ( == “none”) { =;
} else { =; = “none”;

The javascript variable “chunk” is a TableRowElement generated in
rt3/local/html/Elements/TitleBoxStart. I have experimented by setting
STYLE=“display: none” in the appropriate

. The result is the desired
no metadata display but also no history display and no display toggle

I am looking for javascript or CSS hints or a pointer to appropriate
HTML::Mason code to
effect changing the default behavior.