How to automate ticket search creation

As part of our provisioning process, we create a pair of saved searches for each of our customers (each customer is in its own Group).

The TicketSQL will look a bit like this:

RequestorGroup = '${CUSTOMER_NAME}'
AND STATUS != 'answered'
AND STATUS != 'resolved'

… and I’ve got a list of columns to display, as one would expect from a saved search.

I’m running RT 4.4.1, so I don’t have reports.

I would like to create and save these searches, then add them to one of a couple of dashboards (One is a persistent daschboard used by our provisioning team, the other will be a new dashboard for each customer).

I’m in the discovery phase of this project, and I’m trying to figure out whether I’ll be using RT::SearchBuilder, RT::SavedSearch or RT::Attribute to create the new searches.

I presume that the dashboards will use RT::Dashboard

I need to know

  • Saved Search:
    • How to populate the Query
    • How to populate the Format
    • How to set privacy
    • How to set description
  • Dashboard
    • How to create a new dashboard
      • How to set dashboard description
    • How to look up a dashboard
    • How to link a saved search to a dashboard
    • How to set dashboard privacy