How to assign tickets in any queue, but not see in home page

Is there any way to allow users to create/assign tickets to any queue,
but to avoid seeing all of the queues in the QuickSearch on the home page?

It looks like both CreateTickets and SeeQueue are required in order for
/Elements/SelectQueue to include a queue in the drop down box.

The SeeQueue requirement seems to come from RT::Queue->Next().

Since /Elements/QuickSearch also uses RT::Queue->Next() to iterate through
the queues, it only needs SeeQueue rights.

The way I have configured permisssions, any privileged user has the global
CreateTickets right. However, only users that should be working in a queue
have SeeQueue rights for that queue. This reduces clutter on the home page.

Creation via e-mail works correctly. But now, users are unable to pass tickets
to another queue.

Thank you as always,
Aaron Sterr