How NOT to fix missing approval ticket dependencies

So during a window of an hour when we where restructuring the queues
people could create tickets in to better fit our work-flow, a handful of
tickets where create without the approval ticket. In my infinite wisdom,
which apparent is this |…| much, I had the bright idea of just going
into the PostgreSQL database and creating the needed ticket and links
records. WRONG!!

Two hours later I finally have my mess cleaned up. There for awhile I
couldn’t even create addition scrips. So let me tell you the better way
of fixing this.

  1. Re-enable the ___Approvals queue, if you have installed RT 3.8.4 and
    disabled the queue. It doesn’t need to be this queue, just one tickets
    won’t normally be moved into.

  2. Create a ‘On Queue Change’ scrip that matches your ‘On Create’ create
    approval scrip in the ___Approvals queue.

  3. One at a time, take the tickets missing the approval dependency and
    move them into the ___Approvals queue. This correctly create the
    approvals ticket.

  4. Be sure to move the tickets back to their original queue, and restore
    their owner if there was one. I also suggest adding a comment regarding
    why you took someone ticket and moved it all over the place, this keeps
    the change control auditors happier. I thought about going in and
    removing the attachment records for those changes; but then I reminded
    myself that playing in the database got me in this mess in the first

Moral of this story, don’t be like Jeremy.

I sure hope this helps someone else from being a dumbass,