How do you handle mail errors (NDR)

We started with RT3 an build an environment around Non Delivery Reports (NDR) from Mailer Daemons.

Our preproceccing trimms the NDR regarding codepages and some other things before it is given to the rt-mailgate as ‘Comment’ to not trigger a reply to the Requestor, because it is the wrong mailaddress, loop.

Meanwhile RT addresses the loops, it does not send Correspondence in the case of auto-generated mail coming in. So we can inject as Reply (to open the ticket again). We’re looking forward to change this.

But what about preprocessing the NDR? Is it still necessary?
What do you do to receive NDR?

This question ist hard to test on a testing environment because there are many MTA out there with different behaviours building the NDR. Swarm knowledge would be mutch better than all tests.

regards, Andre.

The included “Bounce Email” configuration (I didn’t know before) fits partial to our needs.

We do not want the owner has to handle all NDRs. This should be done by the agents working at the queues.

So $storeLoops may be the thing we want.
It seems RT does not recognise the NDR because of our preprocessing.

So what is you experience with $storeLoops?
Are the NDR appended to the correct ticket?