How do I remove my own account?

It appears that my accont was autocreated from the (old) mailing list subscription I had.

Due to me having changed my $dayjob, I’d like to subsubscribe from the RT forum, but I fail to locate anything like “Delete my account” in my account details?

How can I do this / is this at all possible?

In Discourse, you can delete an account if it has 1 or 0 posts. Once you have some activity, it seems there isn’t a way for a user to deactivate their own account. There is an option for admins to deactivate, so I can do that since I assume you meant “Unsubscribe”.

At the bottom of the summary email is a link to unsubscribe.
The monthly reminder also indicates this:
In addition to the URL interfaces, you can also use
email to make such changes. For more info, send
a message to the ‘-request’ address of the list (for
containing just the word ‘help’ in the message body,
and an email message will be sent to you with


As noted, the link on the emails should set the preference to tell Discourse to no longer send the summaries. You’ll still get other email for topics you are associated with.

The accounts themselves now live in Discourse. Since it’s no longer a mailing list, the old Mailman commands will no longer work for the lists we migrated to the forum (rt-users, rt-devel, rtir). However you can do web searches for help on Discourse and find quite a bit of assistance, including on the Discourse meta site where they handle questions from users.

If it’s not too hard to carry out, I would appreciate if you would deactivate my account.

I have managed to unsubscribe from the notifications but still I consider it would be good to have it suspended just to make sure it will be hard to ab-/misuse it in some way.

Thank you!

Oh, and while we’re on it, I think it would be cool to may be discuss this issue with the Discourse folks: I’m pretty much sure anything which supposes creation of an account should have a way to discontinue using it.