How do I change the default fields when viewing a queue?

I have created a Custom Field named “Department” and assigned it to Tickets for the “Building Maintenance” queue I’ve created.

When viewing the queue, it shows the usual default fields (Subject, Requestor, Status, Created, Queue, Told, Owner, Last Updated, Priority, Time Left)

I want to add my CF “Department” to this view and obviously show it’s value so users can save time by just looking at this queue instead of going into each ticket or doing a search based on the CF.

I found a couple of posts relating to this subject but they’re dam old (like 10 years old) and didn’t really help at all. I’m running RT 4.4.3.

Edit the search and add the new field into it in the “Display Columns” section.

That only changes it for that search, if I log out, it reverts to defaults.

Is there a way to apply this to everyone permanently? The default query for queues must be stored somewhere?

try logging in as admin, click edit on the portal, then click " You can also edit the predefined search itself:Search - My Tickets". Modify how you want it and save it as an rt system search