How can I send an AutoReply when Incident Created to Incident Report Requestor?

Hi guys!

I’m trying to send an AutoReply message to an Incident Report’s Requestor
only when an Incident Ticket is Created for referenciate it.
Much clear:
- Toto send me a mail with its problem
- I don’t AutoReply when its Incident Report ticket is created
- After, I think than Toto’s request is important, so I create an Incident
- Here, I want to send an AutoReply to Toto (but he is requestor of
Incident Report ticket, not Incident)
(I must also to do something when the Incident is linked, but first I would
like resolve the create)

I’ve googled and I found this thread in RT User
List( but
isn’t at all than I need.
I want to do something dynamic but without change the source code, like:
Scrip ‘AutoReplyToIncidentsReporters’
Queue ‘Incident’
Condition ‘On Create’
Action ‘Custom’
Pre - Search the linked Incident Report
- Call Scrip AutoReply for Incident Report
Post ‘1’
Template ‘Blank’

Is it possible?

If not by this way may be with this other. I made a Template like:
{# ------------------------------------------------------------------- #
my $incidentreport;
my $members = $self->TicketObj->Members;
while (my $link = $members->Next) {
my $member= $link->BaseObj;
if ($member->QueueObj->Name eq ‘Incident Reports’) {
$incidentreport = $member;

------------------------------------------------------------------- #}


Now, I can to use the normal ScripAction ‘AutoReply to Requestors’, but How
can I to set the $incidentreport->Requestors in the $Ticket->Requestors?? If
it isn’t, the mail isn’t send because the Incident Ticket Requestors is

Thanks a lot,
Best regards from BCN (remember, Forum 2004 is going to start)


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