How can I deligate AdminQueue responsibility


Rt Version: 3.6.1

I’ve created several queues, put users into groups and given the groups permissions to Administer the queues. However, I can’t seem to figure out how to get to the queue administration/configuration area when logged in as a non-superuser who has permissions to Administer the queue. If I point my browser to http://rtmachine/Admin I just get a simple message showing me the time it took to display the blank page.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



David Langenberg
Network Based Services
The University of Chicago


First of all, unless you are a SuperUser or are in a group with Global 

SuperUser rights, you must grant the “ShowConfigTab” privilege to the
group you want to have this ability (signon as “root” or under your
superuser id and grant those rights under Config->Global->Group Rights).
We have an Admin Group setup with that right, as well as “SeeGroup”,
“ShowScrips”, and “ShowTemplate”. We do not normally want regular users
to be looking at our scrips or templates (gets them confused and it’s a
lot easier by keeping it simple). In addition to that, we grant certain
rights to the AdminCc watcher of each Queue which basically sets that
person up as the Administrator of that particular Queue. We keep the
Global rights for roles at a minimum and let the "Queue Administrators"
set up the privileges they want their particular user groups to have.
This keeps members of the 1 Queue Admin Group from messing around in
someone else’s Queue. Hope this helps.


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