How can I allow users to browse Articles?

We’d like to setup RT to both allow users to create tickets and to give them access to Articles so maybe they can find what they need without opening a ticket. I’d like to have some sort of interface where they can browse/search through articles.

I don’t see any pre-made dashboard widgets for displaying articles and when I try to use a saved search to build one, I don’t see the option to set the Privacy to “RT System’s saved searches” like I can for tickets.

Is there a way to have global saved searches for Articles? Or at least a way to allow users to view articles in classes they have rights to?

Do you give them the Articles menu? That includes a browseable overview and the search option.

Sure, but I’d like to be able to publish a dashboard with only the articles relevant to the user but that’s difficult to do without having global saved searches.

Also, giving users access to the search option also exposes all topics in the search interface and not just the topics assigned to classes the user has access to. I don’t want users from one customer to see the topics from another customer or really any topic other than those assigned to classes/articles they can see.

If you add your current user to a group, you can then create a saved search in the articles search interface and save it to that group!

Ah, I see. I was creating articles as the root user but not seeing an option to save the searches anywhere but “My searches”. I had to add root to the group and then I could see the option to save for the group.

I don’t necessarily want root to be in user groups so I think I’ll use an admin account for that and add it to all the groups.

After saving it, I don’t see the saved searches in a regular user account but I’m pretty sure that’s just a matter of adjusting permissions for the group.