How can I allow "anyone" to open a ticket in RT via email?

How can I allow “anyone” to open a ticket in our instance of RT via email? In this case I assume the requestor knows the RT queue email address. When I say anyone that is what I mean not anyone in active directory.

Thank you:)

Go to Admin -> Global -> Group Rights and pick everyone -> grant right CreateTicket

Or do it on every queue you have (which is the better way)

We did that however that did not work. Is there something we did not do correctly with out setup, did we miss something? and thank you for the response.

OK, from the basics. have you a correct alias enrty for the queue/mail?

If users are in RT they can open tickets via email using the appropriate email, e.g., but if they are not listed as a user in RT they cannot open a ticket.

Thank you.

OK, some specific settings inside

I will check that with the systems administrator, thank you. :slight_smile: