How can I add an action to resolve without sending email, "quiet resolve"


I have a situation where we are interacting with another helpdesk in this case ServiceNow.

Even after convincing ServiceNow to add the RT cookie to the subject we still have the problem that even when resolving a ticket it reopens the ServiceNow ticket and vice versa.

As most of the time we want updates to go back and forward the only way I can think of is to manually remove the requestor then close the ticket then add them back.

Obviously this is painful.

Is there a way to create an action that allows us to quietly resolve a ticket without sending any correspondence?

Thanks for any advice!

maybe just: admin -> scrips -> “On Resolve Notify Requestors” -> uncheck "Enabled"
it disables the notification for all queues.

Alternatively, you could change the Template for “On Resolved” to “Blank” which shouldn’t send an email out either.