How best to pull first reply time as part of my reporting?

Hello everyone,

I would like to be able to pull the timestamp on the first reply our team sends to a ticket. The idea being determine the time between Creation and First Reply to users.

I am currently using the RT reporting menu and exporting that into a Excel Dashboard I have built.


I see two options that could do this for you.

The first is by creating a custom field of date type that gets set to ‘now’ on first reply. Then you can create a new RT::Scrip using a custom condition and action. Where the condition returns true if the person corresponding is not the requestor and the ticket has not had the custom date field set yet. The action would then set the date field to now.

The other option is to load a RT::Transactions collection for the ticket and loop through the collection till you find the first correspond that was not by the requestor. If you made this a column map I believe you could then see it on search results as well.