Hosting RT


Thanks for the information, their VS300 virtual server looks good to me, is
that what you’re using?

Yes, thats the one.

What would you ask for a domain with an RT setup?

GBP 40 up front and GBP 12.50 per month there after billed quarterly in advance + VAT.

Would that be “my own” mySQL database, or shared?

It would be your own database in a shared mySQL installation.

Could you set it up to mail me a backup of the database every so often? (I do

If you supply the script I don’t have a problem setting up a cron job to do this.


Kevin Golding


Opps, that was not meant to be sent to the list - sorry!

Kevin Golding


I’ve now got it working for one client (as part of their main site) but if anyone needs a site
hosted, I’m happy to have rt on it :slight_smile:

Kevin Golding