Homepage empty after upgrading to 5.0.2


After upgrading 5.0.1 → 5.0.2 the home page for all users is empty, apart from the menu strip at the top. I guess the cange in dashboard settings is biting us. We could settle for default system dashboard, but there is none. How do we get back to a default setting here with just the system dashboard, instead of nothing?


On the Admin->Tools->System configuration page, under the “upgrade history” section do you see that 5.0.x upgrades were performed?

Ah, no, they are incomplete. I cannot find anything about updating the DDL in the page UPGRADING-5.0 - RT 5.0.2 Documentation - Best Practical so where is that documentation? I was looking for it at the time of upgrading, but couldn’t find how to run the upgrades… I shouldn’t have stopped looking. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ah, found it in the package install instructions.


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