History ticket answers


I do not understand why a user can answer any entry of the ticket history. Is it possible to allow only answer the newest reply?

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IMO, the user may want to include the text from a previous reply via the web interface. The “Reply”/“Comment” by each entry makes that very easy. I think the only way to prevent that would be to modify the HTML/pages. I don’t think there is a plug in that will do it. I might be wrong.

There may be more than one requestor on a ticket and they may need individual followups.
There may have been more than one question in a reply. I have one answer right now, so I give it now. The other may take a while to answer so I’ll answer it then.
Someone may have given wrong information several replies ago and I’m correcting it now.
Someone may have asked two questions in a row.

Lots of possible reasons.

No current code for “Just the last one”.